Regional Choir Leader

Become a Regional Choir Leader
Bring your expertise and passion to a whole new audience – register your interest in becoming a Regional Choir Leader for The Boîte Millennium Chorus.
Supporting the work of new and existing choirs, musicians and professional choir leaders in regional Victoria or Brisbane, the Millennium Chorus is an exciting opportunity to lead your group, and connect with highly skilled choir leaders and artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. All repertoire has been commissioned by the Boîte and arranged specifically for this project. 
Prospective regional choir leaders wishing to take part in the Boîte Millennium Chorus require key skills including musical literacy, the ability to teach all parts  (soprano, alto, tenor, bass), as well as experience leading choirs. 
Regional Victorian Choir leaders can attend any number of Boîte Millennium Chorus rehearsals in Melbourne and the Artistic Directors and The Boîte will be available at all times during the rehearsal period. All music material is distributed at the first rehearsal and regional choir leaders have the opportunity to learn the music with the Artistic Directors. 
The Boîte Millennium Chorus is a statewide project in Victoria and Queensland. It is also a project designed to be financially self-sustaining – we do not rely on grant income for the project to take place. A Regional Rehearsal Choir leader’s subsidy generated from the fees of all choir members is available to some regional choir leaders.
For more information, contact Ruth for Victoria or Stephanie for Brisbane.


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