Information Kit for Schools

Teachers enroll their choir for the Boite Schools Chorus. Once enrolled and the registration fee paid, extensive resources are provided - with rehearsal CDs, music scores and word sheets, translations as well as comprehensive Teachers' Notes. Teachers Notes are given with further details about the cultural theme chosen. These notes which can be used to assist broader educational outcomes across the school.
Students participate in two combined schools rehearsals and perform in a grand concert, with well-known musicians and hundreds of peers from other schools at an established venue. The entire school can attend the performance and share in this experience.
Students not only enjoy their time in the choir, but their involvement builds confidence, teaches them about people and places far removed from their everyday experiences, and develops valuable performance and interpersonal skills. We are always looking for new partners, especially in regional Victoria.
Our aim is to make participation as easy as possible for teachers, whilst providing an excellent musical experience for students.
The Boîte organises all aspects of the final concert so teachers are free to concentrate on what they do best! For more information call The Boîte office on 03 9417 3550 or email susan@boî
How to get started:
1. Enrol your choir group online here.
2. Once registered The Boîte will create choirs of 200-300 singers in both Melbourne and regional Victoria, depending on registrations. Smaller choirs can be accommodated provided special funding is obtained.
3. The Boite will organise 3 dates for your school calendar as follows:
• Two combined school rehearsals - All schools come together in a central location towards the end of Term 2 & start of Term 3 (Usually 1 in May/ June & 1 in July)
• Concert - Including the combined schools dress rehearsal. Concerts are held in Term 3, usually in August (this will depend on which concert you choose to perform in.)
What we need to make a successful concert:
A skilled and enthusiastic choir leader, teacher or parent willing to conduct weekly rehearsals with their group
A total choir enrollment of at least 200 students from 10 to 15 schools. Smaller choirs can be accommodated provided special funding is obtained
A venue with stage capacity to accommodate the choir and a three piece house band comfortably and safely
A venue with audience capacity of at least 400
The Boite Schools Chorus:
• Gives students the opportunity to perform in a BIG concert with a choir of up to 300 voices, alongside vibrant professional musicians in an excellent venue.
• Gets students involved in serious music in a fun way. There is overwhelming evidence supporting the value of music in education.
• Involves learning music focused on a specific cultural theme, selected and arranged each year by outstanding Victorian musicians. Every song has a story.
• Introduces a broad range of cultural, social, geographical and environmental material for discussion in the classroom.
• Boosts confidence and encourages engagement and collaboration with choir members, many from other schools.
• Encourages a love of music.
How is it financed?
The Boite raises funds from 4 sources to support this project:
1. School fee of $250 to cover the high level of professional resources. The teaching resources include music books, word sheets, teachers notes and rehearsal recordings. This fee is paid in advance to confirm the schools enrollment in the project and is non refundable.
2. Student fee of $40 per student which covers the combined schools rehearsals, printed program, venue hire, concert production and performance T-shirt, always a popular item amongst the students.
3. Audience ticket sales. Group discounts are available for Adult tickets in groups of 10 or 20. This is an absolutely crucial part of the income stream.
4. Schools who find these fees difficult to meet, can contact The Boite to discuss further.