I look forward to this festival all year. I won't miss it. It a wonderful weekend with talented people a must for my professional development Libby Price

VoKallista - audience

This has been the best singers festival that I have attended! The whole weekend was amazing. With wonderful artists/teachers leading the workshops, a great dance jam and wonderful performances in all the concerts, it was an unforgetable festival this year! The big warm up was a highlight (as it always is)... singing and being with so many. It's just the most amazing experience singing with others who share the love of singing. See you next year!! Thanks to all involved.

Leanne McCready - audience

The Boite Singers' Festival is an Australian Living Cultural Treasure - it is a perfect example of best practice in high-quality, well-run community arts and multicultural arts events, providing positive opportunities for artists (including developing artists), and showing the value of lifelong learning and active music-making in enhancing well-being, and building healthy communities. The Boite deserves to be funded gernously by governments and funding bodies so that it can continue to do this invaluable work. This will be money extremely well spent, with benefits spreading to thousands of Victorians as choir leaders, singers, children, and musicians take what they have learnt back to their communities and share it with others. The positive benefits and inspiration just keep spreading outwards.

Jeannie Marsh - audience

The Georgian dinner was absolutely fantastic. We learnt so much about the Georgian culture of gathering together to eat, toast and sing, and those already familiar with the Georgian way of life were so welcoming to those of us who were experiencing it for the first time. It was one of the highlights of the festival for me this year!

Jodie Holwell - audience

Daylesford Singers Festival is the highlight of our Red Tent year. We look forward to it with much anticipation and then reminisce till the cows come home....much eye glazing from members who couldn't make it. Claire
I had an absolute blast and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of mixing with the organisers, presenters and participants.

Jo De Boer - audience

No matter what brings to you the Daylesford Festival, everyone leaves as an audience member, a performer, a student, a teacher and a truly inspired singer - it is the best way to start the year!

Darina Seal - audience

I continue to be amazed and in wonder of the musical styles encountered at the Singer's Festival. The chance to try as many as I can is so wonderful. To meet such committed performers willing to share their skills is a special. Rose
Belting out gospel on a Sunday morning with Dani was brilliant, and I'm not even religious

Jeannie - audience

I love sharing great music, singing and dining in Daylesford with my best friend which starts each year on a such a high note.

Gail Breckon - audience

I so look forward to this weekend every year, I get to come away with my girlfriends to eat great food, share and learn from fantastic artists, sing my heart out and get thoroughly entertained 3 days running. What more could a girl want, thank you Boîte!!!!!!!

Kadina Dalziel - audience

The harmony and joy of listening/ participating in all the singing made me feel part of a wonderful tribe. I felt SO at home!

Helen Braun - audience

The power, joy and healing which comes form people singing together is what makes coming to Daylesford Singers festival the best way to start a new year.
The workshop with Shellie brought tears to my eyes and she gave participants a hug at the end.

Bev Pergl - audience

Daylesford singers festival starts every new year off in positive way, singing together, giving the chance to learn something new!

Barbara Johnston - audience

Hospitable locals, wonderful workshops, inspiring singers, blissful immersive weekend of singing - thanks again to all the fab Boîte folk who make it all possible.

Glenda Lindsay - audience

I loved being able to experience singing in many different styles with the assistance of great facilitators.

Judy Rassaby - audience

An amazing array and culturally rich and diverse weekend of singing workshops. My life has been transformed and eternally inspired. Roslyn Yeung
A relaxing and uplifting weekend

Meg - audience

Thanks to the Boîte for giving us a chance to immerse ourselves in beautiful music making the whole week end!

Chris - audience

The festival allows participants to express them self in a safe, friendly and professional atmosphere. Singers,educators and artists are carefully selected to extend skills for budding performers. The likes of Dani Fry and Stella Savy are a great example of exceptional educators who inspire, conduct and pass on unforgettable singing experiences.

Megan Fromholtz Primary Arts Educator - audience

Being part of a choir makes me happy. The festival was a joyous occasion. Sherine Hazelden
Each Festival continues to be just as good as the last.

Diane Mackrell - audience


Lai Fong Low - audience

It is obvious that most of us are Anglo-Saxons! (when trying to sway my hips and shuffle like Grace)

Debbie Welsh - audience

Betty K

Betty K - audience

Shelly Morris ALWAYS acknowledges her love and appreciation for both her white and her black families - and always says 'thank you for coming to my workshop'

Nikki Cranston - audience

Singing at Boîte singer's Festival was an uplifting experience.

Sherine Hazelden - audience

All brilliant musicians

Jessie E - audience

Thanks Boîte and volunteers for a stimulating singers festival!

Sue, north east Vic - audience

Let us know what you think about Boite Singers' Festival