Sophia Tuv EP launch

”I invite you to come on a journey through the Deserts of the Middle East .
Come dive with me in the blue Mediterranean Sea and let me share with you my deepest heartfelt songs’’.

SOPHIA TUV is an Israeli born and based folk and world music singer. With a diverse musical background, Sophia is classically and jazz trained, she began studying music at the Jerusalem Conservatory of Music and Rubin Academy for Music and Dance in Jerusalem, and later at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. Sophia has since returned to Israel to study at The Rimon School of Music.

Sophia is passionate about exploring music from the Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. All these influences blend into the Israeli culture Sophia grew up with and lives in today. Her musical passion for African music took her to West Africa were she immersed herself in African rhythms and dance. She has also studied Turkish music with the Master Harel Shahal. Her musical style is soulful folk with world music influences.

The evening concert will include her own original pieces written in Hebrew, and other songs that have touched her on her musical journey.

Sophia Tuv will be joined by
Adam Starr: Guitar
Yuval Ashkar: Oud
Ami Hasson: Percussion
and surprise special guests, including Jacinta Percy

Date/ time: 7-9pm, Sunday Feb 4th

Venue: Healing Delight Studio, 6/ 219 Balaclava Rd, Caulfield


Sunday, February 4, 2018 - 19:00 to 21:00
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Sophia Tuv, Adam Starr, Yuval Ashkar, Ami Hasson, Special guest: Jacinta Percy
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