World Music Open Mic

Join us for the fifth World Music Open Mic!

Boite World Music proudly presents the World Music Open Mic, a series of events that offers musicians from all over the world an opportunity to be heard in a city that abounds with diversity but has very limited outlets for showcasing it musically. These events do not adhere to any particular genre or style. They are about recognising the invaluable heritage that musicians carry with them as they move from one place to another, and celebrating the creative contribution that every one of them brings to the musical landscape of Melbourne. With a line-up of musician from all sorts of backgrounds and languages, playing all kinds of instruments, expect a highly eclectic and diverse night of music.

This month's special guest and host will be Huanchaco's Ximena Abarca with music from Huanchaco, Nèona Love, Ron Reeves and Framed Community Drummers, The Apparitions, Marija Janev Music and Alejandro Aguanta.

7:30PM, Wednesday 11th July
Compass Pizza, 319 Lygon St Brunswick East
FREE Entry
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Enquiries: Eyal Chipkiewicz at The Boite

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 19:30 to 22:00
Compass Pizza
Huanchaco, Nèona Love, Ron Reeves, Framed Community Drummers, The Apparitions, Marija Janev Music, Alejandro Aguanta
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Eyal Chipkiewicz 9417 3550
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