The Boîte World Music Cafe is the beating heart of the Boîte. 
Regular high quality acoustic concerts are presented in intimate venues in Fitzroy, Box Hill and Eltham. Cultural diversity is a hallmark of these concerts. These concerts provide support for hundreds of local musicians, more than half being from recent immigrant communities. This is where we meet artists and develop plans for bigger projects. Ticket prices are a small fraction of those charged by major venues for equivalent performances. Boîte Music Cafes rely on the passion, skill and commitment of local supporters. We would like to extend this program across the state.
Collaborating with the Gertrude Projection Festival and supported by City of Yarra, we develop unique presentations of music exploring Melbourne’s cityscape. 
This massed choir world music project started at Hamer Hall in 1999, heralding the new millennium. 19 years later it still captures the imagination of musicians, singers and audiences with inspiring performances on a grand stage. Singers rehearse in Melbourne and regional centres. Follow on concerts have been presented in Perth, Canberra and the Seychelles.
The Boîte Schools Chorus started in 2004 with 300 students from 15 schools performing Flight - A Concert for Refugees at Hamer Hall.
We now engage with 1000 students from 50 schools each year, presenting concerts in Melbourne, Bairnsdale and Albury, with more in the pipeline. 
The concert themes introduce students to music, rhythms, languages and ideas well beyond their neighbourhoods - Indigenous Australia, Africa, East Timor, Latin America, Africa and the Carribean.  
The Boîte prepares rehearsal material and background notes making the project relevant to many areas of the school curriculum.
We run two combined schools rehearsals in Melbourne. Teachers are given plenty of support to make the project exciting and interesting.
The project offers schools an opportunity to work with other schools on a major music project culminating in a professionally produced event.
Students gain music skills, a greater knowledge of the world they live in, and new networks of friends and colleagues from schools in their region.
Parents are often amazed and overwhelmed by the talents of their children and the power of the performances.
No child need be left out. The choir is un-auditioned. Everyone is welcome. We have always produced an amazing experience for everyone.
Celebrated singer Jeannie Marsh in 2013 wrote: “The Boite Singers' Festival is a perfect example of "best practice" in high-quality, well-run community arts and multicultural arts events, providing positive opportunities for artists, and showing the value of lifelong learning and active music-making.” The Boîte Singers’ Festival brings you three days of vocal inspiration and sheer fun on the second weekend of January each year. In 2017, the festival launched its inaugural Singers' Festival at The Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne. Previously based at Daylesford, one of Victoria’s most hospitable towns, for the last 26 years, the festival is a must for singers keen to immerse themselves in a weekend of music. The 30+ workshops and many concerts brought songs from all over the world and mixed it with rhythm, improv, songwriting, conducting, gospel, and more. This weekend of workshops and concerts featured some of the world’s best singers, songwriters, choir leaders, and is for choirs, singers, teachers and facilitators of all levels and styles!